All IEPs state that home school districts are responsible for the transportation of their students to and from Britten School. Some districts use their own buses, while others contract with local bus and cab companies. Britten School works with the transportation companies by providing them with the daily schedule and annual school calendar.

  • Students are expected to follow bus or cab company rules at all times. Infractions of transportation rules are reported to the Academic Coordinator. Consequences are given, if necessary, which may include temporary suspension of bus services and in-school suspension.
  • Students are to be transported only by transportation carriers contracted by the home school district or by a custodial parent/legal guardian.
  • Should parents/guardians opt to personally transport their child, standard arrival and departure times must be followed. If special circumstances occur and a parent/guardian requests another adult to pick up his/her child, the Britten School office must be notified in advance and a Parental Permission Slip for Special Pick Up must be completed, signed by the parent/guardian and returned to the school office before the student can be released. The person picking up the student must be at least 21 years old and must present a photo I.D. A new Parental Permission Slip for Special Pick Up must be completed for each special circumstance.
  • From time to time, severe weather may hinder carriers from reaching your home. A parent/guardian must make his/her own decision about bringing or sending the student by alternative transportation. If a parent/guardian should elect to keep a student home, the parent/guardian is expected to call the school.
  • Under no circumstances may students transport themselves to school or make their own special arrangement for transportation.
  • The parent/guardian is obligated to inform the transportation carrier on any occasion that the transportation needs will change because of the student’s absence or late arrival or early departure. Britten School cannot be expected to notify carriers of changes that a parent/guardian chooses to make in the student’s transportation schedule. Should your student not arrive at school on the regularly scheduled transportation, you must inform the transportation carrier if you expect transport from Britten School to home at the end of the day.
  • The home district school transportation office and/or the transportation carriers usually contact parents/guardians at the beginning of each school year to clarify pick-up and drop-off times and locations. Most companies have a stated specific amount of time during which they will wait for a student to board the vehicle. They cannot and should not be expected to wait beyond that allotted period.
  • Should a student not be ready when transportation arrives in the morning, the transportation provider is not expected to wait more than three minutes or return to the student’s home for pick-up. Parents are then responsible for transporting their child.
  • Some families wish to have their student transported from school to an after-school program or therapist’s office. In that event, it is the parents’/guardians’ responsibility to make arrangements with their local school district.
  • Britten School is not able to keep a student beyond the time that his/her regularly scheduled transportation arrives. If the alternate transportation has not arrived by 3:00 PM, the student will be put on his/her regular transportation.
  • The parent/guardian has the right to expect that his/her student will be transported on a timely basis and under safe conditions. Should a parent/guardian have continuing issues with the transportation carrier, he/she should attempt to resolve them with the home school district.
  • Should Britten School become aware that afternoon transportation will be delayed or moved up due to inclement weather or late arrival of transportation to the school, an attempt will be made to inform the parent/guardian by phone, text message and/or email using ParentLink.

A change of address will impact transportation services. Families that contemplate a move must inform the local school district, Britten School, and the transportation company. Do not assume that transportation will continue from a new location. For instance, if a family moves into a new school district, the old district’s responsibility for transportation ceases. Even moves within district can result in interruptions in transportation services for up to three days.