Transitioning is generally not considered during the student’s first year. Consideration for transitioning is based on academic and social/behavioral success, both within school and the student’s home community, as well as the reduction of support services within Britten School. Discussion around transitioning occurs during an IEP/MDC meeting. If the team agrees that transitioning is appropriate, a plan is developed. Britten School favors transitions that occur over the course of one semester or longer to ensure the student’s success.

During the process and/or to be considered for transition, the expectations for students include:

  • Earning an average 90% of points per day over a period of one semester
  • Maintaining self-regulation for a minimum of one full semester
  • Functioning independently in school without additional supports (i.e., special individualized programs)
  • Identifying/initiating when they need assistance (asking faculty for help)
  • Demonstrating positive involvement in leisure community activities
  • Performing consistently in both academic achievement and social arenas
  • Success in less structured environments (i.e. bus, field trips, lunch)