Standards for Grade Achievement

The school prides itself on high standards in academics, growth and learning. It is essential for students to be on time for class and in attendance in program on a consistent basis. Timeliness and reliable attendance are assets that are transferable to all future school and life endeavors. Absences, no matter the reason, preclude students from direct teacher instruction. The occasional absence for illness is expected; however, extended or frequent absences present significant difficulties in awarding either grades or high school credit. If parents are having struggles getting their child to attend school, Britten School faculty is willing to provide additional support and services.

Students who are not in attendance will be expected to make up any class work and homework they have missed during their absence. All students will receive a list of missed work from their classroom team upon their return to school. The students will then have two school days in which to complete all listed assignments. Any work not completed within the time frame will become a zero. During the calculation of grades, any zeros on the record will be averaged in. This process significantly reduces the grades of students who have recurrent attendance difficulties. This same policy applies for any absence. Junior high and high school students are expected to complete final examinations at the end of the fall and spring semesters. Three days are allotted for finals. Should students not be available during the three-day finals period, one day is allotted for make-up exam. Any work not completed by the end of the fourth day will be added into the final grade as a zero.

In accordance with the Carnegie Units standard, high school students missing more than three days, regardless of the reason, during a summer school session will be ineligible to receive credit. Students missing more than nine days of summer school will not be assigned grades.

Chronic, ongoing absences/truancy will be dealt with at the administrative level, between Britten School and the referring school district.