In the interest of student and faculty safety, searches are conducted in the school program. The search procedure is discussed with students and parents/guardians during the intake process and a written release is signed. In addition, this release is signed during registration prior to the beginning of each academic school year. A search takes place on a random basis or may occur as a response to information that faculty receives. Lockers and book bags are searched on a random basis. An individual student search includes searching shoes, pockets, waist bands and student’s belongings. The intention of any search is to maintain the safe environment of the school. Should any weapon, fire starting material, illegal drug/alcohol be discovered, the parent/guardian and the local police are immediately notified. If electronic equipment is found and faculty has reasonable suspicion that there are illegal materials stored on the device, the local police and parents will be notified. In these cases, faculty will not open or ask the student to open the device. Faculty may look through social media on the internet (i.e. Facebook, YouTube) to help protect students and their families from potentially dangerous consequences.