School Closings and Emergency Information

In the event that inclement weather should occur, Britten School has taken every precaution to keep the safety of students in the forefront. A school closing in the winter months would likely be due to severe cold and snowfall, in the spring due to excessive rainfall and local flooding. Should school be closed, parents/guardians will receive a message via phone call, text message and/or email through ParentLink, and the school closing will be listed in radio, television, and online announcements. Britten School also utilizes partial days including early dismissal and/or late arrival to minimize closings. Any time school is closed for emergency weather conditions, the school day has to be made up to adhere to the ISBE approved school calendar (academic school year). If a parent/guardian chooses to keep their child home due to weather conditions, the student will not be penalized. However, they will be asked to make-up all academic assignments It is the parent’s/guardian’s responsibility to call both the school and the transportation provider.

Should the United States Weather Service broadcast a tornado warning or severe weather alert, the school will take all necessary precautions. All students and faculty will be relocated to the safest area of the building and will remain there until an all-clear has been sounded. If the school is under a tornado warning at dismissal time, no student will be dismissed until an all-clear is sounded.