Parent/Guardian School Visits

It is anticipated that parents/guardians will actively participate in their child’s education. However, we request that visitors schedule appointments in advance. Classroom observations are discouraged because of the disruptive nature of observations to the education environment and the emotional fragility of the students. Each year Britten School sponsors several special events for parents/guardians: Parent Information Night, Parent/Teacher Conferences and the Book Fair in the fall, an all school Holiday Program before winter break, and the Fun Fair during the early spring, Honors/Graduation Day in the spring, and Soccer Camp Closing Ceremonies in the summer. Additionally, parents are invited to two reading Breakfast Clubs during the school year.

Although Britten School cannot mandate parent/guardian participation, it is strongly encouraged for the scheduled family events of the school year. In order to maintain the integrity of the educational environment and student safety, Britten School regrets that neither school administrators nor faculty can be available for unscheduled or impromptu meetings. Any parent/guardian visitors entering the building must check in with the main school office upon arrival for any scheduled appointment and sign out upon departure. For security reasons, visitors will be asked to provide photo identification. Parents/guardians who provide transportation before and/or after school must also check their child in/out. Security stickers will be provided.