Medication Guidelines

Many students take prescription medication during the school day. Medication forms are provided at enrollment and yearly registration. Mandatory compliance with state regulatory agencies requires the following procedures:

• Prescription Medication Administration Permission Forms (blue form) must be completed, indicating each medication that is to be administered during the school day.
• Student Prescription Medication Information Data sheet(s) (white form) must be completed to indicate all medications that the student takes.
• A new set of Medication Administration Permission Form(s) and Student Prescription Medication Information Data sheet(s) must be completed each time that a change in medication and/or dosage takes place.
• Nonprescription medication (i.e. Tylenol, Midol, cough syrup) can be administered only with written parent/guardian permission (yellow Over-the-Counter Medication Administration Permission Form). Medication must arrive at school in a factory-sealed container. (Please note: cough drops will not be dispensed nor can lip balm be used during the day.)
• Students and/or parents/guardians may transport medication to school, or medication can be transported via bus personnel.
• All medications must be in their original pharmacy containers with prescription labels/instructions and must match the Blue Medication Administration Permission Form.
• Britten School cannot dispense medications from a doctor’s/manufacturer’s sample package.
• All medications need to be turned in to the classroom teacher only.
• At least a one-week supply of medication needs to arrive on the first day of each school week.
• Phone requests to administer medication can be honored only on an emergency basis.
• The school cannot act as an intermediary between the parent/guardian and the student’s psychiatrist regarding changing and/or obtaining medication.
• Faculty members dispense medication within thirty minutes before or after the designated time.
• Faculty members teach medication information as they dispense doses to students.
• Parents/guardians are expected to notify the school of any interruption or change in medication.
• Faculty members ensure that asthma medications/inhalers are always within close proximity of students who need them, including in P.E. Class.
• Prescriptions requiring tablets to be cut in half will need to be done at home.

In accordance with Public Act 92-0402, students suffering from asthma will be permitted to self-administer medication under these guidelines:

1. The parent/guardian provides the school with written authorization for the self- administration of medication
2. The parent/guardian provides the school with a written statement from the student’s physician.
3. The parent/guardian of the student must sign a statement acknowledging that the school is to incur no liability, except for willful and wanton conduct, as a result of an injury arising from the self-administration of medication by the student.

Please note that all forms are renewed annually and made available upon request.