Lunch Guidelines & Menu

Students are expected to bring a lunch to school every day.

Lunch Menus

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  • The school’s expectation is that each student will come to school with a nutritious lunch, such as: sandwich, fruits/vegetables, and chips. Students are welcome to bring healthy beverages; however, milk is provided daily by the school. No form of chocolate product, sugared and caffeinated soda or desserts, including snack cakes, pudding and cookies is allowed.
  • Lunches should come to school in a bag or lunch box clearly labeled with the student’s name and will be refrigerated until lunchtime.
  • For safety reasons, students may not bring thermoses. No food or drink can be transported in a glass container. Factory seals must be intact on packaged beverages. Upon arrival, any beverage that is open will be disposed of.
  • Lunches may not be shared or traded.
  • No take-out food in “fast food” packaging can be accepted at Britten School.
  • Although leftovers may be an acceptable lunch, please know Britten School cannot provide microwave facilities for student use.
  • Britten School provides subsidized lunches in keeping with state and federal regulations. These lunches consist of a cold sandwich, fruit, vegetable, and milk. Junior high and high school students receive extra protein in their lunch.  Unfortunately, we cannot provide subsidized lunches on a part-time basis.
  • In order for a child to receive a subsidized lunch, the parent/guardian is required to complete documentation for eligibility. These forms have to be completed on a yearly basis through the child’s home school district. Unfortunately, Britten School cannot provide subsidized lunches without appropriate documentation on file.
  • Students who forget their lunch will receive a carton of milk and a piece of fruit.
  • Students have the opportunity to purchase hot lunch that is served once a month.  If a student receives a subsidized lunch, then they will be provided with a hot lunch on Hot Lunch Day.
  • Because of health reasons and bus regulations, uneaten food items will be disposed of. Please pack only what your child can eat during a 30-minute lunch period.