Levels of Testing

During the school year, testing takes a number of different forms:

  1. Periodic academic testing in the classroom includes weekly written/oral tests or quizzes. Curriculum-based assessments are utilized to determine academic levels.
  2. Semester exams are given two times during the course of the school year for the junior high and high school divisions.
  3. The public home school districts may conduct academic achievement testing as part of the re-evaluation process.
  4. MacNeal School faculty members administer the PARCC at appropriate grade levels on behalf of the local public school districts. Google Chromebooks are available to all students that are required to complete PARCC testing.
  5. High school juniors/seniors take the Prairie State Achievement Exam (PSAE). The PSAE is administered at the student’s school district.
  6. In preparation for the development of the IEP, faculty administers the Kaufman Test of Educational Achievement III: math concepts, letter and word recognition, math computation, reading comprehension, written expression and spelling.
  7. All students are assessed utilizing the BASC-3 to evaluate issues of behavioral interference in the classroom.
  8. The Social Skills Improvement System (SSIS) for assessing students with autism.
  9. The Beck Youth Inventory is utilized for assessing students with emotional disorders.
  10. The Conners 3 teacher measurement is used for students who demonstrate hyperactivity and impulsivity.
  11. MacNeal School may provide evaluations in the intellectual, vocational, and/or emotional spheres pending parent and school district approval for short-term (diagnostic) 45 or 90 day placements and requests from the IEP Domain Meetings.
  12. All high school sophomores will be vocationally evaluated for interests, skill and maturity level. These tests include Self Report of Personality BASC-3, Occupational Aptitude survey and Interest Schedule (OASIS 2), Career Decision Making System, Revised (CDM-2), Picture Interest Career Survey (PICS), Responsibility Independence Scale for Adolescents (RISA), Casey Life Skills, and Campbell Interest and Skill Survey (CISS).