Community Service

Community Service Programs

As a healthy, growth-promoting activity for students, Britten School encourages volunteering in the community. With this objective in mind, the school has established a multi-faceted community service program for qualified students under direct adult supervision. The program includes the following:

  1. Westchester Food Pantry – This activity provides students the opportunity to work in a community food pantry organizing, stocking, and preparing food for delivery.
  2. Westchester Health and Rehabilitation Center – This activity offers students an opportunity to read to and socialize with the senior residents.
  3. Oak Park Animal Care League – This activity provides students with experience in caring for animals. At the end of each session, there is an opportunity for the students to play with small domestic animals.
  4. Northern Illinois Food Bank – Students volunteer their time sorting and packing food to be shipped to local food pantries and communities in 13 different counties.

Special activities are frequently organized around the holidays. Parents sign a consent form for participation each year.