About Faculty

School faculty members are specialists, certified in their respective fields. The administrative team consists of the Principal, Dean of Students, an Academic Coordinator, two Clinical Coordinators, Coordinator of Student Services and a Vocational Education Coordinator. Classrooms are staffed with Special Education Teachers and Classroom Counselors. The classroom teachers each hold a Type 10 certificate in Special Education or a Learning Behavior Specialist 1 certificate. The Classroom Counselor holds a master’s degree in psychology or social work. The school has a full-time Physical Education Teacher who holds an Illinois State Certification in Elementary/Secondary Teaching with a Physical Education Endorsement.

Additional specialized school faculty members include five Licensed Clinical Social Workers/Licensed Professional Counselors who possess master’s degrees and licenses in their respective fields. The Intervention Specialist is currently engaged in an accredited master’s program.

Related-services personnel include a Speech Pathologist and an Occupational Therapist. Both of these specialists utilize a pullout/push-in model in designated spaces and practice a multidisciplinary approach in reintegrating the learned skills back into the classroom in cooperation with the classroom team.

Britten School prides itself on being an active participant in the training of both graduate and undergraduate students in the fields of education, psychology, and social work. These professionals provide untold enrichment to our students and families in the form of intensive individual and specialized group therapy, parent-support group, family therapy, and additional assessments and community support.

The professional faculty of Britten School works as a multidisciplinary team to provide a comprehensive approach to students in both the academic and emotional/social realms. This group collaborates on implementing academic and emotional/social goals as a part of our AdvancEd self-improvement cycle.